Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cycle C Easter 4

4/21/2013 Confession

Sunday Title: Shepherd Sheep Sunday
Sermon Title: Knowing that You Know (Faithing Faith)

Sunday Title: Shepherd Sunday
Sermon Title: Who is Your Shepherd?
Sunday Title: Follow Sunday,
Sermon Title: “Following… the Shepherd or not the Shepherd.”
Sunday Title: Sheep Sunday 
Sermon Title: "Baa Ram Ewe, Sheep Be True,
to Your Breed, to Your Clan, to Your Flock, Sheep Be True."

Scripture Cuttings:
Acts 9:36-43 Tabitha, get up.
Psalm 23 The Lord is my shepherd….
Revelation 7:9-17 ...for the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd, and he will guide them to springs of the water of life….
John 10:22-30 My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me.

All may make the sign of the cross in remembrance of baptism
as the presiding minister begins:
P:  In the Name of the Father, and the Son, + and the Holy Spirit.
C: Amen

P:  We know our shepherd,
  but we have forgotten to be his sheep. (pause for self-examination)
P:  Oh Lord...
C: we live our strong wills,
  so we do not follow where you lead us.
The world makes much noise,
  we don't listen to your voice.
    But we follow other voices without question.
We seek the greenest pastures,
 and do not notice your kingdom before us.
Our sins are many, we name a few.
  Forgive us Lord.
The sins we deny - you know them.
  Save us Lord. (Pause for reflection)
P:  For our sake Jesus Christ comes to claim our lives. The good shepherd is calling us to receive the forgiveness he gives. Our sins are forgiven. By the power of the Holy Spirit we may hear his voice and follow him to eternal life. To the glory of the Father, and the Son, + and the Holy Spirit.
C: Amen. -wjw

P:  The peace of the Lord be with you always!
C: And also with you!

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